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Pottery and Ceramics for Sale

Bevere Gallery, Worcester is a regional centre for pottery, offering high quality works of internationally known contemporary ceramicists.

We represent more potters and ceramic artists than any other gallery. Whether you are an interested visitor or a ceramic enthusiast you will find below a wide range and diversity of makers from the well-established to the new and emerging talent.

We are constantly updating our exhibits so please visit us again soon.

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New Arrivals

Petra Bittl   (view Gallery)

Rowena Brown   (view Gallery)

Kate Garwood   (view Gallery)

Akiko Hirai   (view Gallery)

Gabriele Koch   (view Gallery)

Alasdair Neil Macdonell   (view Gallery)

Sally Macdonell   (view Gallery)

Yo Thom   (view Gallery)

Graham Williamson   (view Gallery)

Masazumi Yamazaki   (view Gallery)

Other Available Artworks

Jane Abbott   (view Gallery)

Jeremiah Allman   (view Gallery)

Gunizi Amirak   (view Gallery)

Tim Andrews   (view Gallery)

Ben Arnup   (view Gallery)

Jonathan Barrett- Danes   (view Gallery)

Hayne Bayless   (view Gallery)

Kate Bergin   (view Gallery)

Christiane Bernstiel   (view Gallery)

Laura Bird   (view Gallery)

Petra Bittl   (view Gallery)

Liz Bowe   (view Gallery)

Clive Bowen   (view Gallery)

Mike Bromage   (view Gallery)

Sandy Brown   (view Gallery)

Rowena Brown   (view Gallery)

Adam Buick   (view Gallery)

Jon Bull   (view Gallery)

Kyra Cane   (view Gallery)

John Beusmans Carn Pottery   (view Gallery)

Matthew Chambers   (view Gallery)

Hannah Clark   (view Gallery)

Tania Clarke   (view Gallery)

Kim Colebrook   (view Gallery)

Harriet Coleridge   (view Gallery)

Prue Cooper   (view Gallery)

Laura Crosland   (view Gallery)

Neill Curran   (view Gallery)

Kevin De Choisy   (view Gallery)

Jack Doherty   (view Gallery)

Bridget Drakeford   (view Gallery)

Nigel Edmondson   (view Gallery)

Shirley Emmerson   (view Gallery)

Judit Esztergomi   (view Gallery)

Annabel Faraday   (view Gallery)

Penny Fowler   (view Gallery)

Michelle Freemantle   (view Gallery)

David Frith   (view Gallery)

Margaret Frith   (view Gallery)

Jonathan Garratt   (view Gallery)

Magdalena Gazur   (view Gallery)

Tim Gee   (view Gallery)

Janet Halligan   (view Gallery)

Jane Hamlyn   (view Gallery)

Joan And Jack Hardie   (view Gallery)

Raewyn Harrison   (view Gallery)

Peter Hayes   (view Gallery)

Richard Heeley   (view Gallery)

John Higgins   (view Gallery)

Sylvia Holmes   (view Gallery)

Matt Horne   (view Gallery)

Ashley Howard   (view Gallery)

Joanna Howells   (view Gallery)

Orli Ivanov   (view Gallery)

Rosemarie James   (view Gallery)

John Jelfs   (view Gallery)

Jude Jelfs   (view Gallery)

Sarah Jenkins   (view Gallery)

Hyu - Jin Jo   (view Gallery)

Sarah John   (view Gallery)

Philip Jolley   (view Gallery)

Jill Fanshawe Kato   (view Gallery)

Walter Keeler   (view Gallery)

Christy Keeney   (view Gallery)

Melanie Keevil   (view Gallery)

Wendy Kershaw   (view Gallery)

Jin Eui Kim   (view Gallery)

William Krause   (view Gallery)

Nigel Lambert   (view Gallery)

Benedict Leach   (view Gallery)

Trevor Lillistone   (view Gallery)

Hilke Macintyre   (view Gallery)

Matthew Marsh   (view Gallery)

Andrew Matheson   (view Gallery)

Karen Mc Phail   (view Gallery)

Richard Miller   (view Gallery)

Charlotte Moore   (view Gallery)

Eric Moss   (view Gallery)

John Leach Muchelney Pottery-   (view Gallery)

Jane Muir   (view Gallery)

Laura Murphy   (view Gallery)

Claire Murray   (view Gallery)

Emily Myers   (view Gallery)

Andrew Niblett   (view Gallery)

Linnea Nicholson   (view Gallery)

Ostinelli & Priest   (view Gallery)

Rachel Padley   (view Gallery)

Andrew Palin   (view Gallery)

Jitka Palmer   (view Gallery)

Mandy Parslow   (view Gallery)

Pauline Paterson   (view Gallery)

Martin Pearce   (view Gallery)

Spencer Penn   (view Gallery)

Barbara Phelps   (view Gallery)

Jonathan Phillips   (view Gallery)

Laura Plant   (view Gallery)

John Pollex   (view Gallery)

Amanda Popham   (view Gallery)

Tracey Potts   (view Gallery)

Finn Dam Rasmussen   (view Gallery)

Christine - Ann Richards   (view Gallery)

Nicola Richards   (view Gallery)

Jim Robison   (view Gallery)

Emma Rodgers   (view Gallery)

Fritz Rossmann   (view Gallery)

Sylvia Ryan   (view Gallery)

Ingrid Saag   (view Gallery)

Elke Sada   (view Gallery)

Antonia Salmon   (view Gallery)

Lara Scobie   (view Gallery)

Paul Scott   (view Gallery)

Tiffany Scull   (view Gallery)

Jill Shaddock   (view Gallery)

Alex Shimwell   (view Gallery)

Anna Silverton   (view Gallery)

Alice Smalley   (view Gallery)

Jenny Southam   (view Gallery)

Sophie Southgate   (view Gallery)

Barry Stedman   (view Gallery)

Charlotte Stockley   (view Gallery)

Linda Styles   (view Gallery)

Midori Takaki   (view Gallery)

Kaori Tatebayashi   (view Gallery)

Christopher Taylor   (view Gallery)

Kara Taylor   (view Gallery)

Sam Taylor   (view Gallery)

Sutton Taylor   (view Gallery)

Ali Tomlin   (view Gallery)

Craig Underhill   (view Gallery)

Keith Varney   (view Gallery)

Sabrina Vasulka   (view Gallery)

Camilla Ward   (view Gallery)

Sasha Wardell   (view Gallery)

Amanda Weight   (view Gallery)

Christiane Wilhelm   (view Gallery)

Lisa Wilks   (view Gallery)

Jewels Williams - Peplow   (view Gallery)

Graham Williamson   (view Gallery)

Chiu-i Wu   (view Gallery)

Masazumi Yamazaki   (view Gallery)

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