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Aaronson, Adam
(view Gallery)

View 'Aa7 Autumn Sunset -  Vessel'

Adam specialises in free blown glass, and his work experiments with the hugely varied possibilities of the medium. His vessels and sculptures are at once a celebration of the simplicity of pure form, and also an investigation into the possibilities of layering...

Adams, Billy
(view Gallery)

View 'Ba2 Landscape Planter'

Billy Adams is a potter whose work deals with exploring ad experimenting with aspects of landscape. He works within the vessel format, combining textures and colours to give the viewer an intimate insight into his private view of ceramics...

Akroyd , Stuart
(view Gallery)

View 'Sa18 Grace Bow Bottle'

“Since the first moment I worked with hot glass I knew I had found the medium I would use for the rest of my career. I love using glass, where the finished piece is a solid form but creates the sensation of movement and grace.”

Stuart specialises in hot studio glass...

Allen - Dring, Lesley
(view Gallery)

View 'Lad3 Can You See Me Now'

Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College
BA (Hons) Ceramics and Glass
"Sand cast glass is a beautiful means to create a three dimensional picture with texture and light. In some pieces I use wire, metals or minerals to create the picture. In others, I simply polish away the high areas to expose unexpected patterns and textures.

Allison, Justine
(view Gallery)

View 'Ja14 Striped Jug'

Since leaving college in 1998 Justine been working solely with hand built porcelain creating semi functional pieces. Her work addresses the boundaries between function and decoration. She looks at objects that are used on a daily basis; like the form of a jug and creates pieces that move away from function and are more concerned with the aesthetic and the visual...

Allman, Jeremiah
(view Gallery)

View 'Ja3 Twig Beaker'

Jeremiah says
"Art is a constant energy allowing me to find new ways to express myself.
I find joy and inspiration in learning new skills and in adopting them to enhance my artistic vocabulary.
I am an artist/designer; art has always been an integral part of my development, from playing with melting wax as a child to juggling and acrobatic stage shows...

Amirak, Gunizi
(view Gallery)

View 'Ga32 Nibble Bowl - Yellow/brown'

It is with great sadness that we have belatedly heard of the death of Gunizi. She was in our first Graduate Show and we have shown and sold her work ever since. She was a talented maker and a delightful and kind person. She will be missed.
Her practice was based on thrown, functional slip wares such as cheese and service platters, bowls, jugs and mugs...

Andrews, Martin
(view Gallery)

View 'Ma11 Glass Green Bowl - Magma Series'

Member of Worcestershire Guild of Designer Craftsmen.
Martin is one of Britain’s leading glassmakers. His work is known for its high quality, attention to fine detail, innovative surface treatments and design ideas.
Each piece is designed, handmade and signed by Martin using the finest Crystal glass. As each item is made individually no two items are ever identical...

Andrews, Tim
(view Gallery)

View 'Ta12 Baby 2 Element Sagger Stack'

Tim has gained an International reputation for his distinctive smoke-fired and raku ceramics. He makes individual raku work, black and white with linear decoration or burnished muted coloured slips. The pieces are usually thrown, although new work is hand-built. Bisque-firing is in a conventional gas kiln...

Ansell, Gayle
(view Gallery)

Our present relationship with the Earth concerns me; the link which was once revered is now tenuous. A reconnection is desperately needed if we are to progress.
I encourage this reconciliation by creating beautiful and intriguing surfaces. By showing the inspiring curiosity of nature I aim to recreate a revived connection with our endangered environment...

Applegate, Bryony
(view Gallery)

As a designer/maker, Bryony’s work celebrates eye-catching bold colour within distinctive bodies of homeware objects. Her work explores the contrast of colour and material, intriguing the viewer to touch and feel each element. The majority of her work consists of elegant, simple porcelain bodies with elements of other materials such as pewter, paper, wood and acrylic...

Armstrong, Rebecca
(view Gallery)

View 'Ra10 Rough Stripe Dinner Plate'

Rebecca Armstrong - De Montfort University
A love of drawing and mark making has directly informed Rebecca's practice, feeding off enduring elements like simplicity, material honesty, with a subtle natural colour palette. Rebecca's work is predominately thrown, hand built and decorated using slip techniques...

Ayscough, Duncan
(view Gallery)

Duncan Ayscough is a Fellow of the CPA, a Professional Member of the Society of Designer Craftsmen and is on the Craft Council’s selected index of makers. He is Senior Lecturer in Ceramics at the University of Wales College, Cardiff.

Duncan Ayscough’s pots appear to embrace both ancient pottery forms and strong contemporary design...

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