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Garratt, Jonathan
(view Gallery)

View 'Jg57 Green Half Pot'

Jonathan has specialised in making distinctive and unusual terracotta pots for gardens for nearly 30 years and currently enjoys a reputation as one of Britain’s foremost garden artists...

Garwood, Kate
(view Gallery)

View 'Kg26 Jug - White Glaze Short Facets'

Kate began pottery at Standpoint Studios in Shoreditch and was fortunate to have Nicola Tassie as her teacher.

It was under Nicola's guidance that she learnt the technical skills of pottery and the magic of creating ceramics, on a potter's wheel.
After five years, what began as a hobby, developed into a life long obsession and a new way of life...

Gazur, Magdalena
(view Gallery)

View 'Blue Line'

Magdalena Gazur, 27, lives in Poland. She first studied ceramics at the Wroclaw Academy of Fine Art in Poland before coming to the University of Wolverhampton to extend her studies. She is proficient in throwing, handbuilding, glaze technology, painting and drawing...

Gee, Tim
(view Gallery)

View 'Tg 6 Open Bowl'

After 20 happy years as a Chef Tim was forced through ill health to change careers. Art College seemed like a good idea and whilst there he touched clay for the first time, the date was November 22nd 1996, He immediately and rapturously fell head over heals in love...

Genders, Carolyn
(view Gallery)

From the moment I started to work in clay it came instinctively to me to use colour and brush marks on my work; a single glaze, however beautiful the surface finish, was never going to be enough.
Discovering vitreous slips many years ago, gave me a material with the surface quality that I had searched for; a way of creating surfaces, vibrant or subtle without the use of a glaze...

Graham, Sandra
(view Gallery)

Born in the West Midlands, Sandra gained her BA (Hons) in Painting and History of Art and Design in 1995 at Wolverhampton University under the tuition of Knighton Hosking. Her work then was fuelled by the sublime images of the Black Country, and though industry has now much declined, from time to time she returns to the subject of industrial landscape...

Griffiths, Deborah Jane
(view Gallery)

View 'Pure Morning'

Deborah attended the Gloucestershire College of Art and Design, specialising in graphic design and illustration. Following a career in graphics, Deborah is now a full time artist, living in Worcestershire.
As a contrast to the disciplines of producing artwork for print, she works with acrylic mediums to create depth and movement through layered textures.

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