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Jackson, Paul
(view Gallery)

View 'Pj32 Bowl - Madrugada - Coloured'

The unique character of Paul’s work derives from two interrelated processes. Each piece is first thrown on the wheel, then subtly altered in form - giving the pot an individual character and strength defined by a journey of discovery...

James, Jeremy
(view Gallery)

View '/jj1 Cock - Crow'

"The sculpture I produce ranges from animals such as hares, cockerels, otters and meerkats to human figures.
My work is made in a range of clays such as stoneware, porcelain and earthenware. I have been designing and making ceramics since 1987.

James, Jill
(view Gallery)

View 'Jj42 Plain Fused Ring'

contemporary jewellery
Jill James combines precious metals and gemstones to create unique pieces of contemporary jewellery.
Jill lives and works in the Yorkshire Dales and her interest in mark making and surface texture is inspired by the rugged weather beaten landscape that surrounds her, its scars and fissures, its textures and imperfections...

James, Rosemarie
(view Gallery)

View 'Rj2 Small Bowl'

Rosemarie is an experienced studio potter who has exhibited both in the UK and overseas. She is also well known locally as a pottery teacher. She trained at Wolverhampton College of Art and her early sources of inspiration were Lucie Rie and Hans Coper.
However, Rosemarie is especially attuned with the strong sculptural forms of pre-Columbian pottery...

Jelfs, John
(view Gallery)

View 'Jj15 Flattened Narrow Vase'

John set up his studio 40 years ago in the Cotswolds with his wife Jude.
From his first exposure to studio pottery, he was immediately excited by the work of the late Bernard Leach and his lifelong friend the Japanese potter Shoji Hamada. It was the strength and quietness of their pots which most excited him about their work...

Jelfs, Jude
(view Gallery)

View 'Juj7 Beau Ideal (yellow)'

At art school, Jude worked mainly in bronze, while studying for a Dip AD in Fine Art (Painting with Sculpture).
She worked as a potter for a number of years after she married John Jelfs. Over time, she found herself moving back to where she started; progressing away from functional wares towards more sculptural ideas...

Jerem, Anita
(view Gallery)

View 'Cp16  Little Nut Brown Hare Held Tight  161/495'

Illustrations by Anita for
Sam McBratney' Book
Guess How much I Love You

Jirankova - Limbrick, Martina
(view Gallery)

View 'Cockerel'


John, Sarah
(view Gallery)

View 'Sj3 Small Amphora 3'

Sarah Says
"My current work is inspired by materials gathered from my local area and also from the methods involved in processing the clay. The alchemy of transformation from organic to permanent and my experiments with naturally occurring patterning has led to individual pieces which combine elements of the archaic and contemporary...

Johnson, John L.
(view Gallery)

View 'Wooden Tractor,wagon, Chickens And Ducks'

Hand sculptured wooden toys for children crafted out of English hardwoods. A member of the British Toymakers Guild and were accredited Toy Maker of the Year in 1998.

Jolley, Philip
(view Gallery)

View 'Pj93 Tile'

Surface quality and pattern with hidden detail combined with multi viewing points have always been of interest to Philip. His early work used maps and aerial photography as the starting point for decoration and used coloured clay and engobes to build layers and blocks of pattern. Glaze was used sparingly to highlight selected areas and interiors...

Jones, Mary
(view Gallery)

View 'Mj6 A Fresh Start'

MARY JONES - 2013 Graduate- Cardiff School of Art and Design
Mary’s work is sculptural, figurative, painterly and expressive. Her main interest is human emotions and how they are expressed in our faces. Her chief intention is to find different ways to communicate these emotions through her ceramic practice, consequently giving each piece presence...

Judd, Andrew
(view Gallery)

View 'Aj07 Teme 4/30'

Andrew, who trained in Fine Art in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, lives and works in Malvern.
Imagery derives mostly from charcoal drawings sketched on walks. He has been cutting and printing from his own lino blocks, using a home-made press, for the last eight years...

Judkins, Linda
(view Gallery)

View 'Tall Stems'

Linda enjoys responding in paint to the ever-changing light and colour of the atmospheric spaces near the River Teme, the Malvern Hills and the coast.
She develops her compositions using preliminary studies, so that recollections of transient effects are combined with an overall sense of form.

Jupp , Mo
(view Gallery)

View 'Mj10 Larger Sitting Figure'

MO was born in South London in 1938. He graduated first from Camberwell Art School where he was taught by Hans Coper, Lucy Rie and Colin Pearson and later developed his vocation in ceramics at the Royal College of Art.
Since the 1960's he has been teaching and lecturing in many English art colleges. His work enjoys worldwide esteem...

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