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Lambert, Nigel
(view Gallery)

View 'Nl8 Large Oval Jug'

Nigel has been making his unique and internationally recognized style of pottery for the last thirty years, twenty four of them spent living and working in the Forest of Dean...

Laverick, Tony
(view Gallery)

View 'Tl15- Frame Wall Piece'

Tony has been designing and making ceramics for 30 years and has used many different techniques and materials during that time. He is currently working with transparent porcelain and, also, specially prepared black porcelain. His pieces are either thrown and turned or slabbed. They are then fired to 1260 C with subsequent lustre firings at a lower temperature...

Layton, Peter
(view Gallery)

View 'Aplo4 Spirale'

“I think that if people live with beautiful or stimulating things they will live, breathe, and
think better. These are difficult, even fearful times, and I am reminded of a poem I wrote that ended:
“and what was there
before time or magic
And what will remain after
Will there be relics?”
I sincerely hope so, and that my glass will be found among them...

Le Corre, Gilles
(view Gallery)

Gilles was born in Quimper, France. He trained at Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts and in 1979 graduated with B.A Hons. He has exhibited widely in the UK and his work is to be found in Stoke on Trent City Museum and Art Gallery, The W.A. Ismay Collection Yorkshire Museum,York and Rufford Ceramics Centre, Nottinghamshire...

Leach, Benedict
(view Gallery)

View 'Bl9 Large Wall Mounted Head'

Benedict’s work is influenced by his travels abroad and his studies of native artworks. He works principally in wood, metal and stone which are carved, beaten and formed.

Ben works mainly in limestone, one of his favourites being the local Hamstone. It has a warm golden colour with darker striations which weather beautifully...

Leach, John
(view Gallery)

View 'Jl35 Vase ( Stone )'

Born in St Ives Cornwall John Leach was apprenticed to grandfather Bernard and father David Leach between 1957 and 1963. In 1964/5 the pottery at Muchelney in Somerset was established making oil-fired functional ware.
John has established an international reputation for his hand-thrown, wood-fired oven-to-table stoneware...

Leighton, Jessica
(view Gallery)

View 'Jl09 Broadway Tower'

Jessica was born in Bogota, Colombia where she spent the earlier stages of her life before moving to the Cotswolds. It was her exposure to the vibrant and bold colours of South America and her travels that have fuelled her passion for portraying on canvas the different landscapes she comes across...

Lillistone, Trevor
(view Gallery)

View 'Tl12 Small Bowl'

Trevor is a ceramicist with over 20 years experience based in Bath. He makes hand thrown stoneware. The work is in three distinct ranges, two of which are shown here - electric fired decorative ware and electric fired tableware...

Littlechild, Sue
(view Gallery)

"My work explores the relationship between geometry and nature. The composite pieces I make are hand built in a white stoneware clay using a combination of pinching, press moulding and slab building processes. The work is fired inside saggars filled with sawdust and fired to stoneware temperature. This gives distinctive markings and a dense surface quality".

Loder, Claire
(view Gallery)

I make heads and faces.
Although relatively shallow in physical depth my sculptures are intended to have a psychological complexity, they rarely look directly at the viewer, are often lost in thought or otherwise occupied. I am also driven by narrative; spoken and written language informs much of my work...

Lossock, Neil
(view Gallery)

View 'Nl21 Lillies'

Neil says-
"As a blacksmith I graduated from the world-renowned School of Blacksmithing in Hereford, where I later taught. Based in Herefordshire, I am inspired by organic forms“ such as ferns and alium, - and also by the mythical - life-sized dragons being a speciality.
In addition to working in metal I now also work with wood."

Lovell, Andy
(view Gallery)

View 'Al5 Olive Grove  Provence 18/35'

Andy was born in east London. He studied at Liverpool School of Art and Design (1983-86) where he specialised in illustration. He has had numerous commissions for newspapers, magazines and books and held several exhibitions of his prints. He works using drawing and painting as the starting point for his prints, mainly lithographs and silkscreen prints.

Lowe, Kate
(view Gallery)

View 'Kl15 Bird On A Post'

Kate says-
"I am trying to express that energy or feeling we experience when we have time to take in an image or view and then see it in our minds eye later on. Reflecting times I have spent domestically at home and away on travels, the smaller things in everyday life still move me as much as the big adventures we have away from it too...

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