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"After 50 years of peace and civilised living the nightmares continue"

Sketches of Japanese atrocities carried out by Japanese military
during the building of the Thai-Burma railroad by


As Seen on T.V.


Full colour reproductions of watercolour sketches of Japanese atrocities. This slim book of 40 pages depicts 22 pages of graphic accounts with descriptive text as well as photographs and a moving story about a single day in the life of a Japanese P.O.W. on the infamous "Railroad of Death" from 1942 to 1945.

This book will have a profound effect on all who peruse it. It shows with stark clarity the atrocities P.O.W.'s had to endure on a daily basis. It will also alert the younger generation to what happened and so to be vigilant in preserving a democratic and just way of life.

'Lest We Forget', published by Bevere Vivis Gallery Books, contains 21 water colour paintings, a short story and various supporting items together with descriptive text. This book has readers in the U.K., the U.S.A., the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Japan, Indonesia and Singapore.

As a young man Fred was captured by the Japanese in the Far East and suffered as a prisoner of war on the notorious Thai-Burma railroad. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of VJ Day, Fred mounted a special exhibition of his water-colour paintings depicting the atrocities which he personally endured or witnessed as a prisoner on the infamous "railway of death" during world war two. It was a very moving exhibition which Fred mounted in memory of the many men who died on the railway and in the hope that such atrocities would never be repeated.

Following the success of the exhibition, it was felt that a more permanent memorial of the sufferings endured by so many should be created and, accordingly, Fred combined his talents to produce a book "Lest We Forget" incorporating 21 water-colour
paintings from the exhibition together with a short story and various supporting items and supporting text.

The book was published by Bevere Vivis Gallery Books Ltd. and has found outlets in the UK, Holland, Australia, Indonesia and the U.S.A. as well as in Japan itself. Fred himself has received wide recognition for his efforts and has appeared not only on local radio and in the local press but also on national T.V. in the U.K. He was greatly encouraged in his ambition to avoid any future atrocities by an invitation to go to Japan itself where he made an appearance on a Japanese T.V. news network and was featured in an article in a leading Nagasaki newspaper. He is also encouraged by the the fact that he is receiving small but regular orders for his book from Japan.

Due to the tremendous impact of his book "Lest We Forget", a second issue has been published. This contains additional text relating to the Author's experience as a Japanese P.O.W. in World War Two.

Please read on about Fred Seiker's Portfolio, an adjunct to the book containing his original paintings. He has donated the entire collection of his original paintings to the National Memorial Arboretum at Alrewas, Staffordshire U.K. where the paintings are on permanent display.

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