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Fred at the signing of his book at Bevere Vivis in 1995.

An extract from the Forword...

I am grateful to Fred Seiker for the opportunity to write this forword, which I do in my capacity as Chairman of the Soldiers', Sailors' and Airmen's Families Association and Forces Help Society for Worcestershire.

We have remembered in this year, 1995, the 50th anniversary of VE and VJ Day, both anniversaries rekindling painful memories and raising powerful emotions for those who experienced war. It has been an occasion too for the younger generation to learn a little of the sacrifices which were made by so many to enable us all to enjoy the freedoms of today.

This small, but important, book of drawings will have a profound effect on all who see them. They show with stark clarity what Fred Seiker and his fellow prisoners of war experienced daily, but of which so little was really known and understood worldwide. Fred does not use artist's licence, he shows only what he himself saw or experienced. I hope that this very special and personal account will remind us both of the heroism of those who were forced to work as slave labourers and of the terrible inhumanity to man, which existed then and which, perhaps, lurks dangerously beneath the surface of even our modern world.

Dermot B-H-Blundell
Brigadier (Retd) Late Grenadier Guards
Chairnan SSAFA Worcestershire
30th October 1995

Comments from the Visitors Book at the "Lest We Forget" exhibition in August 1995 at the Bevere Vivis Gallery, Worcester:

"Thanks for portraying the truth."

"Thank you for helping us to fully understand."

"A moving experience we must not forget."

"Keep on telling the facts through your paintings, please."

"Quite unbelievable, thank you."

"Very moving and sad."

"Unable to put feelings into words, it must never be forgotten."

"I didn't realise any of this had happened, until now."

"Thank you Fred."

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