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Kwai Railway Memorial (3 Pagodas Group)

-- Read Fred's lecture on the above site
at this link:

Military Art by Synergeez
Over 1700 images - military art galleries include assorted US ships, battleships,
aircraft carriers, and various US aircraft; including fighters and bombers.

FePow Community

Britain at War

Military History Guide at About.com

Royal Air Forces Ex-POW Association

To End All Wars
the motion picture based on a true story.

Burma Star Association (Wigston & District Branch)


Bamboo Wireless

World Wars Links

Military Postcards

Lest We Forget: The High Price of Freedom in WWII

In Hell There is a Place Called Death's Railway

The Imperial War Museum

The Royal British Legion

The Australian War Museum

The USS Houston Survivors Association

Reg Smith (1897820, Sapper, Royal Engineers, 18th Postal Section)

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