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upon this book,
I've attempted to
explore the
skills that make
achievable and
rewarding for
up a pencil and
give it a try,
you will surprise

Trevor Smith

Sketching Wild Birds
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A comprehensive practical guide to drawing and painting wild birds from life by British Artist Trevor Smith.

Foreword by wildlife TV presenter - Bill Oddie
"I am sure you will find it - to quote an old song - lovely to look at
and delightful to know"

Many of us enjoy watching birds and would perhaps like to take our hobby a stage further by sketching and recording the every day encounters we share with them. If only we knew where to begin...

"How is it possible to draw such active creatures as birds?"

This is the question I am frequently asked, to many it seems a daunting prospect when faced with the task for the first time. Drawing is a means of communication and like any other communicative skill there are lessons to be learned before we can fully and effectively express ourselves.

This book will equip the reader with these skills and the confidence to go into the countryside and sketch from life. Nature itself is the best teacher, while confidence and ability will grow with practise. I know from experience that in the early stages of working from life it is good to have a guiding hand to steer the budding artist around the pitfalls and maximise progress.

Sketching Wild Birds features full colour reproductions of approximately 56 watercolour paintings and 240 pencil sketches illustrating the fundamental methods and techniques that anyone can follow. This hard back book (in a handy A5 landscape format) of 160 pages presents both the bird watcher, beginner and experienced artist with a wealth of essential information.

The text, simply presented, is easily understood and covers sketching techniques, bird behaviour, anatomy, scale, perspective and composition.

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