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Abigail Johnson

Abigail Johnson created Abramics in 2017 whilst at Nottingham Trent University studying Decorative Arts(BA Hons). Before taking the course she had never touched clay, and was planning to carry on with textiles and surface design. As soon as she got her hands-on clay she fell in love with the endless possibilities and creations. She spent a few months exploring the material in her second year of the course and found the exciting world of lava glazes. After creating a range of pieces using stoneware and earthenware clay, she therefore decided that she wanted to understand the science behind the glaze and push herself in regards to form.

Abigail Johnson decided to take on a number of tasks during her final year. These included:
– Designing a range & collection of ceramic vessels.
– Get better at carving forms on the lathe and mould making.
– Understand the material I am working with and the science behind the glaze. What we now see in the exhibition is the outcome of that work.

We currently do not have any work from this Maker, please contact the gallery with your enquiry.