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Adam Buick

Adam Buick originally took a BA Honours degree in Archaeology and Anthropology. It was soon after graduation that he he undertook ceramics at the West Wales School of Art in Carmarthen. After, he followed with a Crafts Council of Ireland course in Ceramics Design which he completed in 2006. Adam follows a the strict discipline of the simplest and purest of geometric forms. However, you shouldn’t expect his spheres of fired clay to be standoffish or predictable though.

Adam Buick makes white porcelain moon jars as chaste in their beauty as the old Korean dal-hang-a-ri vessels that first inspired him. But within the confines of his spherical ‘canvas’ he also creates worlds of spontaneous drama. These pots are so diverse in their scale and texture, so exquisite in their making and so alive with the Pembrokeshire landscape. In addition, they embody his loving connection to his environment, becoming unmistakable.

The collection and use of local materials is key to his work. He intentionally sources his own local materials, using them unrefined to show his personal relationship with the landscape. Along with the materials within it and his past experiences from where they were collected.

A piece of his has been acquired by The British Museum. It is currently on display in the Korean gallery next to the Moon Jar that first inspired him. This adds to his growing public collections, which now includes: The Oriental Museum, Durham and Chatsworth House.