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Alison Thyra Grubb

Alison Thyra Grubb graduated from Gray’s School of Art in 2019 and is currently based in Aberdeenshire.

She creates geometric slip cast ceramics using lustre glazes. Her practice combines traditional glazing techniques with 3D printing technology to create iridescent vessels. She is particularly inspired by the metal bismuth. This is one of the ingredients in the glazes she uses called in-glaze lustres. These glazes are reduction fired in a gas kiln and can give different results each time, making each piece unique.

She loves being able to combine the precision of 3D printing with the unpredictability of in-glaze lustres. Using digital technology is a big part of her process. The models for her pieces are 3D printed and she makes plaster moulds of them for slip casting, so she ends up with an exact replica of the 3D print in clay.

The layered textures that are built up during the 3D printing process are beautiful patterns that the machine creates. She sees these marks as a kind of digital fingerprint and she only sands certain surfaces on her forms to try to emphasize these textures.