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Amelia Gibson


Amelia is a designer-maker specialising in a combination of ceramics and painting, and a recent graduate from De Montford with a BA Hons in Design Craft. She draws inspiration from her childhood home of Burkina Faso, where the abstract forms and brush strokes reflect the intuitive and hands-on approach of Burkinabé craftsmanship.

She creates a combination of asymmetrical sculptural vessels, and functional ware linked through their emphasis on surface design and expressive mark-making. Playful experimentation is at the core of her practice, as she uses abstract aesthetic and colour theory to create unique pieces where no two are the same. The use of slips, oxides, glazes, and underglazes are layered as an expression of our multifaceted stories and complex identities.

Our stories are difficult to reduce into one identity, and this body of work reflects finding freedom in the variety of her own identities: as British, Burkinabé, painter, designer, and maker.