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Andrew Matheson

Andrew Matheson RBSA

Edinburgh born Andrew studied at Gray’s school of Art, Aberdeen from 1974 to 1979, studying ceramics which included a Post graduate year of study. He works in Lichfield Staffordshire making individual thrown and hand built pieces. These are stoneware or porcelain reduction fired to cone 10 creating his current workshop in 1981. Andrew career involves making and teaching works full time as a potter in his city centre location. Whilst also being able to exhibit work throughout the UK.


The work on show is a range of thrown porcelain pieces in blue and white with cobalt slip decoration applied by a variety of techniques: sponging, slip trailing, masking , brushes, decals and even fingers. Mostly applied at the green stage as a form of underglaze decoration. They incorporate varying percentages of cobalt and other oxides produce a range of tones/ shades. Further work on the decoration during the glazing stage helps to further extend the shades of blue including the addition of an orange spot. I have been exploring this idea since the late 1990’s and is influenced by oriental blue white ware. All work is high fired to cone 10 reduction.

He is a member of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists and the Midland’s Potters Association, Birmingham Art Circle.  Andrew has exhibited around the UK and has work in several public and private collections.

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