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Andrew Walker

Andrew Walker is an independent pottery maker from the UK. Working from his pottery studio in Works 57 Sheffield UK, he constructs hand-built stoneware pottery vessels using a series of fins made from textured clay slabs to give the illusion of a solid form. Inspiration comes from our industrial landscape, mainly the iconic block-like geometric buildings from the mid-century where he’s drawn to their simplistic, graphic like quality. ‘I like to look at these structures and break their components down; the shapes and symmetrical lines form the basis for creating a starting point in my construction. I also draw inspiration from the shadows these structures create, often taking into consideration how these impact on the negative space’. His architectural ceramic range showcases a several patina finishes as well as introducing coloured clay slips to surfaces; these bright tones reflect the type of colour pallets seen within architecture that contrast with the often-stark raw materials. His simple approach to pottery design and form, often combines geometrical shapes to construct ceramic vessels as a way to bridge the gap between functional handmade pottery and contemporary ceramic sculpture.