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Anja Percival

Anja Percival is a printmaker who was born in Durham. After initially pursuing a scientific career, she then studied Fine Art at Falmouth College of Arts. There she discovered her love for printmaking. Between 2005 and 2009, she spent the majority of her time working at several different printmaking workshops in Copenhagen and Odense. However, in December 2009, she relocated back to the North East, and now mainly works from her studio in Fowlers Yard, Durham. She is a member of Northern Print Studio in Newcastle, and maintains strong links with Fyns Printmaking Workshop in Odense.

Anja is fascinated by the different atmospheres that light creates in our environment. She uses variations in light, form, texture and colour to magnify the moods and sensations of the places she experienced.


Her compositions aim to combine different moods of light, therefore contrasting space and surface qualities. She enjoys working with a variety of etching techniques, including wax resist on aquatint, ‘soft’ ground, ‘white’ ground and burnishing. These result in subtle tonal differences within her imagery. She rarely starts with line, but instead focuses on the highlights within an image. She uses techniques that build on the areas that will remain light, instead of building up the image with dark line and shading. Then during the printing process, she applies ink to the plate in quite a painterly fashion (‘À la poupée’). This allows her to vary density and colour in such a way as to exaggerate the effect of the etched image.


In the spring of 2010, Anja Percival was awarded ‘Printmaker of the Year’ at Printfest in Cumbria. She has secured gallery representation both nationally and internationally, with outlets in London, New York, Denmark, Sweden and Canada.

In September of 2012, she held a solo exhibition in the Galilee Chapel of Durham Cathedral. Recently some of her work was selected to hang in the newly refurbished Millbank House, within the House of Lords.