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Anne Barrell


Anne attended art classes in New York and returned to Britain to do a degree at Chelsea College of Art and Design. She then had a studio at Cockpit Arts in Holborn, London before moving to Eastbourne in 2004 where she continues to live and work.

Anne works in earthenware and is inspired by British ceramic and maritime heritage. Rum cups, pedestal bowls, and jugs are decorated with hand painted boats and ships traversing stormy seas or sheltering in tree lined harbours. Her imagery is hand drawn using the sgraffito technique.

The sgraffito pieces feature merchant ships, sailing boats, fishing trawlers and all things to do with the sea and coast. As each piece is handmade and painted, they all have their own character.

Curators Comments – The work of Anne Barrell has several self-evident influences, but she brings her flair to the making and is certain to make you smile. Whilst the Alfred Wallis feel to the decoration is certainly there, nevertheless she brings her own voice to this thoughtfully decorated work. The influence of living by the sea is very strongly reflected in her decoration which has proved popular and widely sold.