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Antonia Salmon

Antonia Salmon has worked as a ceramic artist since 1984. She has developed a strong interest in making ceramic sculptures that have a purity of line and form. The processes of hand burnishing the surfaces and smoke firing the finished pieces imbue the work with subtly and depth; the works appear timeless, contemplative and poised.

She makes strong abstract forms that reflect qualities of being: of chaos and order, of holding and letting go, of stillness and dynamism. Some works represent bridging moments of time, other works capture experiences of being in nature: listening to sounds of wind, water or silence; walking through landscape; touching rock and moss.

She seeks to make sculpture that stands as if poised in space, inviting you to reach out and touch. The sculptures ask you to contemplate space, form, light, shadow; stillness and dynamism, silence, poise. They ask you to find within them both personal meaning and a sense of unity beyond yourself.
Being brought up in a household dedicated to modern sculpture and architecture; her childhood was infused with awareness of form and space.

Brief Background:

She studied Geography/Geology at Sheffield University, and later at Harrow School of Art as a studio potter. A year spent studying in the Middle East and India made a deep impression on her approach to work and after returning to England in 1985 she established her first workshop in London. By 1989, in search of large landscape, she returned to Sheffield where she lives and works.

As well as making, she taught at Derby University, was visiting lecturer in colleges, potters associations, art fairs, and running workshops throughout Britain and Europe