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Ashley Knight

Ashley specialises in hand-built ceramics; making her own batches of stained clay, to construct one-off pieces. She finds joy in ensuring that she never makes exactly the same object twice. While uniformity is important within her collections of work, each piece must remain unique in some way, allowing it to have impact as an individual object as well as part of an ensemble.
Much of her work, including her most recent project, ‘Living Heirlooms’, centres around the themes of family and ancestry, with a focus on taking traditional concepts and adapting them to fit into a contemporary context. ‘Living Heirlooms’ explores how the tradition of family heirlooms can be reshaped to suit the shifting structures of twenty-first century families. Where traditional heirlooms are passed on in the event of someone’s death, these objects are designed to remain in constant use and circulation.
Each stoneware candlestick holder can be interlocked with another and rearranged endlessly to suit the occasion or user’s tastes. They can be split amongst households or united at one table. Their meaning can be endlessly interpreted and reinvented. They are designed not only to promote interaction with the objects themselves, but to promote interaction between people; generating memories and creating lasting, meaningful connections between people and objects.