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Camilla Ward

Camilla is a ceramicist and a painter and works in tandem between the two. Clay and paper, canvas or wood are very much akin to each and strongly influences and enriches her work. She uses the ceramic surface as a three-dimensional painterly canvas. The forms are necessarily kept simple. Each one is approached spontaneously and describes a personal abstract narrative which also reflects her fascination with clay and its generosity and versatility as a medium. She wants to keep the work approachable and tactile, contrasting dry slip surfaces against the shine of glaze and allowing fluid marks to travel across and around the surface. The forms are slab-built in red earthenware and white clays. The surface is painted with underglazes, slips, and glazes and is scratched or embossed before and after various firings.

She wants to describe a response to her immediate environment, either town or country rural, and, sometimes, her travels further afield. Her excitement with colour, form, line and texture gives her an intuitive language to express this dialogue. Often it is perverse; the town can be tranquil, calm, reassuring while the countryside can be edgy, challenging or insecure.

She acquired her MA Ceramics at Wolverhampton University in 1999 having previously passed her BA(Hons) Visual Studies with Cultural Studies (First Class) at the University of Gloucestershire in 1993.