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camilla ward

Camilla’s background is in painting and ceramics and she has recently returned to painting.

Her painterly approach to ceramics makes it a natural transition to paint on canvas, in fact, she finds the two practices enrich each other. The preoccupations are the same. She wants to describe a response to her immediate environment, either urban or rural, and, sometimes, her travels further afield.

Her excitement with colour, form, line and texture gives her an intuitive language to express this dialogue. Often it is perverse; the town can be tranquil, calm, reassuring while the countryside can be edgy, challenging or insecure.

Camilla is a Member of Gloucestershire Guild of Craftsmen. She has an MA Ceramics from the University of Wolverhampton and a BA(Hons) First Class in Visual Studies with Cultural Studies from the University of Gloucestershire.