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Charlotte Voaden

When Charlotte Voaden was selected for Bevere Gallery Graduate Show 2020, we were impressed with her handling of trailed glazing and the balance of her often relatively small vessels. Notwithstanding the size, we were struck by the presence generated by their design and decoration.

As a mixed media artist, she works predominantly with enamel and slip-cast ceramics, using mark-making as a visual language in her designs. The central focus of her work is embracing subtle energies, translating them into form and observing the interaction.

Bevere has continued to show her work for several reasons. Firstly, her work was much enjoyed by visitors to the Graduate Show which was clearly demonstrated by the number of sales. Secondly, that interest has been maintained as we continue to promote and show her work. Thirdly, we acknowledge that slip casting has become an increasingly adopted technique by ceramic graduates; she clearly has developed the skills needed, producing work which carries the Voaden voice.

She has been concerned to make effective use of her design and making skills and has extended into jewellery making which again carries her distinctive approach.

Charlotte is a ceramic graduate from the Carmarthen campus of the University of Wales. Interestingly, a University making an increasing impact on art and craft.