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Chris Taylor

In 2000, after completing a degree in ceramics at the University of the West of England, Chris Taylor moved to Devon to take an apprenticeship at Dartington Pottery. For the next five years he worked in ceramics studios across the country gradually hoping his making skills.

In 2005, whilst teaching part time at North Devon School of Art, Chris began to produce his own range of handmade table ware. This he did for four years before leaving his teaching job to study at the Royal College of Art.

He has now completed his Masters degree in Ceramics and Glass and during this time he has produced several new pieces of work as well as winning two awards. One for lighting design and the other a travel scholarship which he used to undertake an artist’s residency in China.

His pieces are formed by throwing or pressing and left to dry before being decorated. The decoration is built up in layers using a mixture of materials and techniques. Such as painted clay slips, print, glaze, enamel, erosion and lustre which are used to create a rich layered surface.

Chris has always been drawn to ‘making’ and enjoys the interplay between form, texture and colour. His inspiration comes from both traditional ‘English Slipware’ as well as Japanese painting practices. These are bound together within the decoration resulting in fluid graphic marks which work to enhance the forms.

As well as making Chris also teaches and has recently been appointed as ceramics lecturer at Plymouth College of Art. In 2012, he won two awards including one from the Bevere Gallery at Graduate Show 2011.