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Christiane was born in Hamburg to Liebfriede Bernstiel and her father Otto Lindig, who for a time headed the Bauhaus ceramics department. It is the Bauhaus influence which is so evident in the current work of Christiane although she has her own distinctive voice. She emphasises that the Bauhaus principles of functionality and austerity remain valid for her. She is interested in the borderline between sculpture and usability. Glazing she sees very much as the skin or garment dressing the piece. Certainly, she would wish each piece to stand well.
Christiane attended the University of Hamburg Academy of Fine Arts and became a schoolteacher. It was in the 1980s that she developed her ceramics skills along with her mother Liebfriede. In 1997 she became the head of the pottery workshop at Hamburg Academy of Fine Arts and has exhibited widely in Germany.
She produces both stoneware and raku vessels, however the principles which underpin her making are applicable in both media. Functionality is important. The, at times, unusual and distinctive design approach she adopts, adds to the pleasure of using the vessel. Christiane sees that the traditions evident in the work of her mother and father are being carried forward by her but in a distinctly contemporary way