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Christiane Wilhelm

Between 1973 and 1976, Christiane served her apprenticeship as a potter at Burg Coraidelstein with Wendelin Stahl. From 1976 to 1979, she studied ceramic design in Höhr – Grenzhausen with Prof.Dieter Crumbiegel and Wolf Matthes. She established her own studio in Munich in 1988

Careful observation and finding exciting forms is paramount in her work. Her thrown vessels are based on classical forms. They derive their strength from the tension between clear, rigorous lines and playful, informal handling of form and colour. The diagonally incised exterior surfaces, characteristic of all these vessels, give dynamism and tension to otherwise tranquil, centred forms.

Christiane first showed at Bevere Gallery in The German Show in August 2010 and her work proved to be very popular. Her work has great presence and precision undoubtedly arising from her craft skills and her elegant designs.

“Christiane Wilhelm is inspired both by the form and the surface treatment, which in her hands leads to unconventional shapes in combination with individual surface treatments that create a harmonious whole. Her pieces have been thought through down the smallest detail and they have a certain sense of movement, an almost dance-like quality.”

Antje Solau, Ceramic Review