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Claire Murray

Claire Murray lives and works in Devon. She trained as a dietician in 1969 and twenty years later qualified as an art therapist. She also trained in ceramics in Ealing, Norfolk and Warwickshire.

Claire’s ceramic figures are based on an exploration of the complexities of communication. They reflect her fascination with the human face. Speech does not always convey what we might need or wish to say. She believes that communications sometimes can be better achieved in other ways. For example, we might communicate more effectively using the signs and symbols with which we choose to adorn our bodies.

She continues to ask how we connect our inner and outer personae. Her figures are not meant to portray physiological accuracy. Each piece is trying to express (however imperfectly) an understanding of the human condition. Through her figures she seeks to communicate strength as well as physical vulnerability.


Claire’s inspiration comes not only from looking directly at people but also from studying human representation across a very wide range of objects from medieval stone carvings to ancient African sculptures. Her work is constantly evolving. This is reflected both in the sculptural figures themselves and in the several different visual metaphors that she chooses to employ.

She has published several articles, some concerned with teaching. Claire is a Professional Member of the Craft Potters’ Association. She is also a member of West Country Potters and North Devon Arts.