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Clive Bowen

The work of Clive Bowen can be traced back to pots like English mediaeval jugs and early Tamba ware from Japan. He hopes that he is re-inventing them and not merely imitating them. His first visit to Japan, in 2009, was an inspiration, causing him to look again at forms he hadn’t made for several years, such as flasks and bottles (he last made these in 1971), as well as exploring new shapes. There is such a wealth of forms that one lifetime is not enough to begin to explore all the possibilities.

He loves anonymous, everyday pots from all cultures and their feeling of life and freshness. His enthusiasm is still with the clay, the slip and the large wood-fired kiln. For him, wood firing brings the pots to life.

Clive Bowen wants his pots to be used, not merely to sit in isolation on a shelf, but to enhance the enjoyment of everyday life and of good food.