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David Frith

David Frith is one of the most respected of Britain’s potters. Born in 1943 in Lancashire, he trained at Flintshire Technical College, Wimbledon School of Art and Stoke on Trent College of Art. He established his first workshop in 1963 in Denbigh, North Wales where he was joined in 1966 by Margaret, his future wife.

He originally worked in high-fired earthenware, and later moved on to oxidised stoneware. During his time at this first workshop, which was known as David Frith Pottery, he build a wood fired kiln and began experimenting with reduction glazes. In 1974 he installed a gas-fired kiln and took the step of changing exclusively to reduction firing. The following year David and Margaret bought the Malt House in Denbigh and changed the pottery’s name to Brookhouse Pottery.

David has travelled extensively; teaching – both pottery and kiln-building, giving exhibitions and holding workshops.

He is an active Fellow of the Craft Potters Association. His primary focus craft is on form and function, however, he is probably best known for his excellent glazes and decoration which he continues to develop even after fifty years of making.

David has taught and demonstrated over many years. He talks openly and articulately about his approach to making pots and what drive his creative energy. He has never stopped making and it is likely that he will always be making as long as he is physically able.