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Diana Ashdown

Diana Ashdown is a printmaker based in North Norfolk. She enjoys experimenting and devising different print techniques with lino. Diana likes to explore the rich diversity of her surroundings and memories. Diana says of her work, “My great delight is working lino in many different, continually evolving and experimental ways. I have used vinyl flooring for the prints, which gives a fine, smooth print. Cutting the plates into individual pieces enables me to ink each piece differently, some intaglio and some relief. Using lino, I ink the intaglio layer like an etching and the relief surface with rollers, colours blend and suffuse together. Repeatedly travelling through an etching press, builds a patina of marks and traces, in part fragmented and broken, like the remains of a distant memory and in part sharply in focus, recording our personal histories and journeys, piecing fragments together to create a whole.”