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Ellen Smith

Ellen is a mixed media object designer amalgamating experimental ceramic and glaze practice with tactile and sculptural forms in her graduate lamp collection; ‘Kneaded Lamps’. In a post-covid world, the desire for curating our personal and domestic environments has never been more pertinent. Acknowledging our instinctive desire to engage with things that evoke happiness is both indulgent yet essential, and in this serotonin packed experimental lighting project, Ellen marries these two components together in harmony. With the aim to ignite our most juvenile desires to feel, squeeze and poke, she explores a range of intriguing tactile forms. While paying homage to traditional sculpture building techniques, Ellen experiments with unconventional glaze properties and polyurethane foam to create lamps that are dynamic, contemporary and each one totally unique. With inspiration from neotenic design, sugary treats and the most infantile experiences of manipulating 3D form, this collection is a treat for the eyes and the hands, reviving our instinctive juvenile curiosities and desires. Designed for those with a sweet tooth, Kneaded Lamps are created to bring whimsy and a childlike wonder that transcends age, creating products that will enhance and brighten any space they inhabit.