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Finn Dam Rasmussen

Finn is a ceramicist and a sociologist. He was born and raised in Copenhagen. Since 2008 he has worked full-time as a ceramic artist in his own workshop in Tisvilde, North Zealand. Finn’s ceramic sculptural work is fired at about 1300 degrees. The shapes are clean, simple and monumental. The surfaces usually consist of slips – that is pre-dyed clay – which result in a nuanced and texturally fascinating surface.

In parallel with this technique, Finn is working with salt glazing. The salt is included in the chemical compound with the clay, forming a very strong glaze characterized by a particular surface. It takes a special oven Finn built in 2014.

Eva Muller  – ceramic writer – observed that after numerous experiments with clay bodies, colours and glazes, Finn has developed a series of techniques that lend a personal character to his ceramics. His best work forms a unity of shape, brushwork and materiality, where it seems as if the object had been created from a single raw material. He avoids the ornamental, working with an approach that is a further development of colour field painting.

Finn studied sociology and graduated at Odense University, following which he did research and taught at the university for several years. In 1991 he opened ‘KLASSIK – The Gallery of Furniture Art’ in Copenhagen and ran it until 2007 when it was sold. Finn has consistently made pottery and was for many years a member of a collective ceramic workshop in Saxogade in Copenhagen. He is a member of the Danish Crafts and Design Association.