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Fritz has been showing work at Bevere since the German Show held here in 2010. He is a member of the ceramic collective Keramikgruppe Grenzhausen a much respected group of studio potters whose work is widely admired. Fritz is a fine thrower and is often to be seen demonstrating at ceramic fairs. His porcelain pieces respond so well to light and demonstrate the translucent quality associated with his work. He is not one to stand still and his work is in constant development.
The use of black is recent and makes a stunning contrast with the familiar blue celadon. He prefers to use the Australian “Southern Ice” porcelain because of its clear whiteness and extreme transparency. Fritz is a real perfectionist who knows how to perfect imperfection and integrates it into challenging forms that usually refer to ceramics.He finds his inspiration in the classic ceramic forms used in Egyptian and Greek pottery. Also Chinese ceramics from the Song period are examples of his way of glazing resulting in mysterious colours such as jade-green (celadon) and kingfisher-blue caused by the use of this “Southern Ice”. In his recent work he perforates the pot wall in fascinating patterns, so that the holes will be filled with glaze after baking.
Fritz was apprenticed with Wim Mühlendyck from 1975–78. He then studied at the State College of Ceramic Design and Technology in Höhr-Grenzhausen from 1980–83. In 1992, he became a member of the collaborative workshop Keramikgruppe Grenzhausen.