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Gabriele Koch

Gabriele Koch concentrates on simple forms, trying to integrate balance and tension, stillness and movement, expansion and the containment of volume.

All pieces are hand built and some are burnished to achieve a tactile surface. In some pots she has incorporated texture to create a contrast between rough and burnished surface areas. The distinctive patterning which complements these burnished forms is achieved in a carefully organized secondary smoke firing.

Gabriele’s most recent work sees a shift from low fired earthenware to high fired stoneware, combining rough black clay with white porcelain, giving her the opportunity to create strong graphic designs in contrasting colours.

Gabriele Koch was born in Lӧrrach, South Germany. After studying at Heidelberg University, she moved to London where she undertook her training in ceramics at Goldsmith’s College. She lives and makes her work in London.

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