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Grainne Watts

Grainne Watts has an established reputation in Ireland where she lives and works. Her vessels are stunningly original; few would fail to be bowled over by the beauty and elegance of every one of her fine pieces.

In recent years, her work has developed into specific themes that explore and expand through limited edition series. There are unifying sources of inspiration that run through each body of work. Many of these influences relate to colour, pattern and the visual and tactile marks evident in nature. She works with porcelain and stoneware clays and uses layers of vibrant under-glazes and slips to create interesting surface detail.

Her ceramics are admired for the self-evident skills which she has and the immaculate quality of her decoration. Colour makes an impact of course, but the use of unusual colour contrast makes it special.

She graduated from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin in 1982. She subsequently undertook an apprenticeship with Geoffrey Healy Pottery in Wicklow. She continues to live and work in County Wicklow. It is perhaps a mark of her excellence that in most years she receives awards – one recently from California.

She has exhibited widely across Europe and her pieces are to be found in collections worldwide. It is a great privilege to be able to feature her at Bevere Gallery for the first time.