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Hilke MacIntyre

Hilke MacIntyre was born in 1964 in Germany near the Danish border.She studied architecture at the College for Art & Design in Kiel and worked for various architects until she moved to Scotland in 1995 and is now working near St Andrews. Since that time, she has concentrated on printing, painting and ceramics, combining a simplified figurative style with bold shapes, strong colours and abstract patterns.

Hilke’s work uses a simplified figurative style with strong abstract pattern. Particular influences are ‘primitive’ art, early 20th Century European art and contemporary design. The limited edition ceramic reliefs are made in editions of 50. An original design is formed from clay from which a plaster mould is made into which new slabs of soft clay can be pressed to create an identical relief. After a first lower firing in a kiln, the reliefs are individually glazed so that each looks slightly different. They are then fired again at a high temperature. Each tile is numbered and signed.

Her work is widely exhibited in galleries throughout Britain and has been selected many times for the annual show at the Royal Scottish Academy. Her lino-cuts and woodcuts have been used for various illustrations. She lives with her family near St Andrews.