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Iona Christian

Iona Christian is from Cheshire currently living locally in Bransford. She is a freelance illustrator/designer and professional netball player. Iona Christian has always loved being creative; from a young age taking sketchbooks to the beach, having craft mornings with her siblings and creating crazy characters. This passion for art and visual story telling lead her to a BA Hons in illustration at the University of Worcester, graduating in 2020.

During her time at university her love of print, pattern and children’s picture books grew and she continues to play with pattern and illustrate places. As a lover of the outdoors and exploring new places Iona loves to draw landscapes, both urban and rural. Her pattern designs are inspired by shapes and forms found in different environments, ranging from the intricate marks on a leaf, to the structured architecture of buildings. Iona finds joy in bold, bright colours, taking inspiration from natures natural colour pallet and combining it with her printed pattern designs. She loves how a place can have so much character and can tell a story in a single image.