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Isabelle Pass

Isabelle Pass graduated from Decorative Arts, Nottingham Trent University in 2018 where she specialised in Ceramics. She has developed a range of vessels which are inspired by coastal environments and harbours through muted colours and rusted surfaces.

Isabelle Pass begins by photographing the environments and interpreting these textures through line drawings, mixed media and mark making, developing them into ceramic forms. The vessels created hint towards a worn and weathered theme yet remain contemporary in style and evoke calm and stillness.

Any exploration of her social media posts shows how strongly influenced she is by surface whether it be rusting metal or the natural world. Spending time with her pots enables one to see how she has interpreted what she has observed and felt into her ceramic decoration. Her selection for Bevere Graduate Show and indeed her continuing promotion at the Gallery reflect the interest which her intense observation of her environment has generated.