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Janet went to art college from Grammar School in the late sixties, much to the disappointment of her teachers who only valued an academic path. Needless to say, the teaching of art at school was rather perfunctory and she sometimes wonders how she ever ended up on an art course!

She started a Pre-Degree course with a vague idea of studying graphics because she thought that was the surest path to employment. However as soon as she started working in clay, she was hooked and went on to apply for a degree course that included this discipline. She studied Glass with Ceramics on the Dip AD course at Stourbridge College of Art. She was lucky enough to be a student when art education was beginning to break away from the restraints of the past. The course was quite broad-based with a strong fine art influence and the opportunity to work in a variety of materials including wood and metal as well as glass and clay.

After graduating she continued to work in a variety of materials, making sculptural objects such as wood and metal reliefs During the 70s and 80’s she brought up two children, taught art in schools and colleges and continued to make and exhibit, concentrating on ceramics.

During the 80’s she started making the precursors of the trompe l’oeil work that she makes now. Her early sculptural ceramics were angular pieces based on architecture and machinery; however, her later and current work seeks to imitate leather and cloth – all ways of making clay into non-claylike forms.