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Janet James

Janet currently lives and works in Cheltenham. Her lifelong passion for painting filtered into her previous career as a teacher where she encouraged children; from mainstream and special needs schools, to explore their creativity by using a range of natural and manmade materials. Janet left teaching in 2013 to work full time as an artist and since then has had several very successful solo shows. Her semi abstract land and seascapes show an understanding of her subject, in both tone and technique that is immediately pleasing. Instinctively drawn towards the reflective qualities of water and the dynamics of seas and coastlines, as well as unfamiliar landscapes that she has experienced on her travels she uses reportage sketches and first-hand photographic reference as a starting point. Using a variety of different ways of applying paint, the works themselves employ the juxtaposition of simple textures to give the feeling of fragmented and blurred images. Janet says of her work that her intention is to convey an emotional response to the landscape within her paintings. The autumn sunlight on the lakes of Woodchester and Miserden and the cold greys of icy lochs and lakes convey moments of peace and tranquility. Walks along the Cornish coast reflect the dynamics of the seas and coastline and the undulating landscapes of the Cotswolds and the Dales are all influential to the images she creates on canvas. Travelling on rivers and lochs in the Netherlands and the Fjords of Norway has influenced her work. The images are the interplay of manmade and nature, which together contribute to vivid memories of the colours and shapes reflected in the water.