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Jacqui Dodds

Jacqui is continually drawn to the rich layers of human history within the built environment, visiting towns and cities alongside more rural locations. Exploring on foot, Jacqui observes and records the sense of place; architecture, buildings, bridges, objects and the natural world. Jacqui frame’s and composes scenes that intrigue her, photographing them as a reference to work from back in the studio. Using screen printing, lino cut and blind embossing she aims to distil her memory of these experiences.

Colour often plays a significant role, whether subtle or vibrant. Using a limited palette or leaving areas untouched Jacqui explores both the space and mood within an image. The surface of her silkscreen prints in particular, show subtle layers of both solid and transparent elements, where natural references such as trees or foliage may conceal and offer texture adjacent to or in front of the harder manmade structures. In contrast, her intricately carved blind embossed prints are devoid of colour, whereby the paper plays a significant role in revealing form and texture through shadow and light. These works become companions to the viewpoints shared in the other prints, often revealing the more subtle details of surface where a macro interpretation of the built landscape exists.