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Jen Gash

Jen Gash BSc Hons. FRSA

Sky Landscape Artist of the Year 2018

As a life-long artist, Jen started to paint large scale landscapes in oils aged 15, whilst still at school in Kent. She currently lives and works in South Gloucestershire. She has previously combined painting with a career in occupational therapy and coaching, which she feels has shaped her painting in many ways. Jen is also a published author specialising in coaching creativity and the creative process itself.
She is interested in the landscape as psychology/psychological backdrop; human beings as human doings; the fragility of children and teenagers; themes around engagement/disengagement in activities; abandoned play and leisure environments. There is an emotive feel to her work requiring the viewer to consider feelings and ideas beyond the initial image. Jen’s hopes that her paintings serve a purpose beyond imagery, perhaps helping people to explore, address and reconcile various parts of themselves and the broader human condition.
Jen works from a combination of sources – drawing and painting outdoors, using her own photos, old photos and other found sources. She usually starts her work in acrylic, removing sections of paint before it dries and then works back in with thin, vaporous oil paint. This process lends itself to the often ethereal, emotive state that Jen enjoys exploring.
Jen was announced as this year’s Sky Landscape Artist of the Year at the end of a very intense day at Greenwich Royal Observatory. Her prize was a £10,000 commission for the Imperial War Museum, to commemorate the centenary of the end of World War One and in particular, a forgotten battle on the Salonika front in Macedonia. She travelled to Macedonia during the Autumn of 2018 to prepare for the commission.
In the past her work her work has been auctioned to raise money for Penny Brohn Cancer Care a charity close to her heart. She has a busy life with two teenage daughters, a long-suffering husband and a rather mad Golden Retriever, who is unable to retrieve.