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Jewels Williams – Peplow

Jewels throw’s porcelain vessels enriched with oxides and slips that explore her fascination with coastlines. Inspiration comes from coastal divisions where the sea leaves traces on the sand in undulating ripples and from the ever changing line between sea and sky.

The blues and aquamarine of bright sunny days are counterbalanced and sometimes combined with the slate grey of closed in rain.

The glazes are the result of understanding the impact coastal colours have on her. Drawing in inks and watercolour washes on paper is a pivotal part of the process. Drawing and throwing are bound together, each endorsing the other.

Jewels works in porcelain. At each stage the porcelain changes, from malleable softness, through chalky mattness to its final ceramic form. This evolution is completely absorbing but it is the softness of the clay when thrown or stretched which she finds particularly hypnotic and drives her to repeat the process again and again.

Jewels make’s individual pieces alongside groups and small installations. The forms are the landmarks of her childhood.