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Jill James

Jill James

Jill James combines precious metals and gemstones to create unique pieces of contemporary jewellery.

Jill lives and works in the Yorkshire Dales and her interest in mark making and surface texture is inspired by the rugged weather beaten landscape that surrounds her, its scars and fissures, its textures and imperfections.

She uses various techniques including fusing and forging to recreate these textures to give her work a patina of age reminiscent of archaeological artefacts. The stones that she uses in her work are often uncut and also contain interesting marks and flaws. It is these imperfections, the natural process of weathering and erosion, that give these stones their unique appearance.

Her love of texture and colour, developed over years as a textile designer, is also reflected in her work. Sugar pink tourmalines, icy green aquamarines and misty violet sapphires demonstrate her interest in the qualities of uncut stones.

Her recent pieces also incorporate diamonds as she is interested in the juxtaposition of perfectly cut faceted stones and the irregular rough textures of fused and forged metal. Weathered fragments of sea glass are also included in her collection. Picked up on the shore line and worn smooth by the constant ebb and flow of the tide.