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Jill Shaddock

Jill Shaddock

Having graduated with a 1st class honours degree in Three Dimensional Design from Manchester School of Art in 2011, Jill Shaddock set up her ceramics studio which is now located in West Yorkshire where she designs and makes each piece by hand. Fascinated by process and enhancing a technique associated with mass production, she explores multi layered slip casting to create unique objects. These take the form of individual pieces and collections of curated works, which blur the boundaries between the usable and the purely decorative. With a minimal aesthetic, considered forms and refined colour palette, the work is highly tactile and the considered simplicity gradually draws attention to the subtle details.

She enjoys the scientific elements and methods of working with colour; mixing colours to recipes. Testing, tweaking, repeating and documenting these experiments is a key starting point for her to develop work. Many of the colours she produces are mixed to replicate colours within photographs she has taken.

The forms of the vessels she creates are also another important element of her work. She is naturally drawn to designing objects that have a function, where she enjoys the relationship with user and object, however she also designs her work to be aesthetically pleasing as artworks alone.

As Mark Robinson has commented, Jill seems to take quite a lot of inspiration from the Japanese culture with her clean and minimal style. What is impressive in his opinion is the boundary between a sculptural piece and a functional piece. It is almost like she gets it right on every occasion, there’s not one piece of hers that he has seen that would not sit well either on a shelf or in a kitchen being used, quite a hard balance to achieve.