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Jude Jelfs

Jude undertook a foundation course at Somerset College of Art & Design, DIP. AD at Gloucester College of Art & design in Fine Art (Sculpture with Painting); At art school, Jude worked mainly in bronze, After leaving College she married John Jelfs in 1972 and became a potter. Over time, she has found herself moving back to where she started; progressing away from functional wares towards more sculptural ideas and combining pottery with painting and sculpture

Jude’s current work is all drawing-based with a strong figurative theme. Her female and male form jugs are particularly good examples of her creative perspective.Her ceramics range from flat, almost two-dimensional, slab-built vessels, in earthenware or porcelain, to 3-dimensional stoneware pieces.Some pieces are made in editions or series. Others are one-offs. Jude has also returned to working in bronze after 30 years.
She is a Fellow of the Craft Potters’ Association (CPA) and has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally.