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Kaori grew up in a family who traded in pottery in Kyoto, Japan a city renowned for its ceramics. From a young age, then, she was surrounded by the simple, elegant forms of Japanese tableware.
Following her studies in Kyoto – BA and MA in Ceramics – and the RCA in London where she undertook and certificate in Education to support her teaching, she has exhibited frequently in London and Japan. Her simple ceramic forms are created by a special moulding technique which gives each piece a unique character. She would like her work to be fresh and innovative but comfortable to use at the same time. She hopes her tableware gives one a quiet, sensual treat.
Kaori also creates sculptural installations which are painstakingly created hand built copies of everyday objects in white stoneware. The objects are then arranged as tableaux, reflecting the material lives of diverse individuals such as The Junk Collector, The Botanist and The Painter. These haunting installations offer a contemporary take on the still lives and portraits of the Old Masters.
Kaori has received awards from the Crafts Council, and was commissioned to create tableware for the British Museum’s Grenville Room in 2009.