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Kate Bergin


Kate Bergin is an Irish potter who practices as a studio potter and explores the correlation between domesticity and functionality through the process of throwing. Taking inspiration from circuit board resistors, transistors and still life ideologies, she creates sculptural objects that also function.

Her aim is to take the traditional connotations attached to pottery and by playing with the aesthetics, create a body of work that is contemporary, yet familiar. She was selected for our Graduate Show in 2018 because her ceramics are clearly well-made and essentially about the elegance of structure and design rather than decoration – although as is often the case with a monochrome finish, it serves to emphasise shape and structure.

Kate Bergin is a Graduate of Limerick School of Art and Design. Limerick has developed a reputation for producing ceramicists of quality perhaps because the ceramic programme is led by Mandy Parslow, who exhibited here at Bevere some years ago, when she was not involved so much with teaching.