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Kate Scale

Pembrokeshire based Kate Scale continues to be inspired by the importance of inclusion. Following on from her graduate exhibition the vessels were created to represent togetherness and equality in our society by blending different materials and shapes to create an eclectic collection of mis-matched ceramics.

Kate has recently spent time researching the inclusion of people with Autism and special needs into our creative society and workplaces and this research led her to this collection. Learning that we must be more tolerant and adaptable to each other’s needs is important to Kate as she feels it necessary to accept people’s differences and embrace diversity.

Kate’s work is mainly slab built from black and porcelain clay, using a monochrome colour palette which creates a strong visual contrast. Her vision was to produce a collection of vessels and forms varying in shape and size to represent the differences in people and her collection reinforces this message especially at a time when life is so uncertain.