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Katie Braida

Katie Braida creates sculptural vessels and forms using a variety of hand building techniques. She uses Ashraf Hanna clay, texturing the surface with a range of tools prior to the first firing. The forms are coloured with a combination of oxides, underglaze colours and terra sgillata slips, which create a soft, satin surface. The work is fired to earthenware and is non functional.

Katie enjoys working with the material, creating forms which leads to the exploration of the surface and development of colour. She is inspired by the world around her, searching out the patterns and rhythms of the natural and man-made environment.

It is important that the work remains open to interpretation. The textures remain abstract enough for the “viewer” to bring their own experience to the work. This surface invites interaction and by interacting with the forms you get to know the subtleties of each individual piece.

The plinths are a new addition to the collection. Vessel forms have very clear connections with functional ceramics and the plinths help to elevate them both literally and contextually, changing the viewer’s perception from functional to sculptural. The longer plinths that hold a number of pieces create a strong, contained conversation between the pieces, but it is a conversation that the viewer can be a part of through handling and rearranging each item.

After a degree, which included some ceramics, Katie went into teaching, specialising in ceramics in secondary schools. She has continued to teach evening classes and small workshops since leaving education.