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Katie Robbins


Katie Robbins has always loved handling clay since her school days. She got back into throwing after a career break and having children. It started small with her work being accepted into an open exhibition. Since then, she has been growing her business from her garden studio; using her marketing skills to obtain a healthy instagram following, and to secure some nice independent stockists as well as galleries.

Katie has been developing her throwing skills to develop simple porcelain shapes; bud vases and ranges such as the ‘touch me‘ vases, which are given a contemporary finish using colours which are often inspired by nature. A more recent additon to Katies thrown shapes are her spherical vases.

Katie developed a passion for home interiors after working for ten years as a public relations consultant, producing marketing material and ‘consuming’ glossy home magazines. Looking at people’s homes is still a passion, as is taking a personal pride in ‘nesting’ and making beautiful items for other people – and herself occasionally!