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Kirsten Marrs

A redundancy during the global pandemic unexpectedly brought a pause to her teaching career. This offered her the opportunity to explore a burgeoning passion for ceramics and she enrolled on the HND course at Morley College, London. As a recent graduate, she is excited to pursue her own journey as a maker whilst also teaching art to 3–8-year-olds, and ceramics to high school students.

As an individual with an international upbringing. she has a long held interest in the role of place and how it shapes our identities, sense of belonging and culture. Travelling into London by train over the years, she has watched the built environment change. This has raised questions in her mind about urban decay and development, and the impact these have on both personal and collective lives. As Winston Churchill said, “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Her work embodies a sense of place, the connections between our experience and memory of the built environment, and the relationship of our environment to our identity.

As a ceramicist working primarily with porcelain paper clay, her artistic journey revolves around the processes of hand building and slab construction. She uses print techniques to build a rich surface which evokes the essence of life that exists, or once existed, within architectural structures